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Comprehensive Eye Exams, Southgate

At Phillips Eye Care, we understand that good eyesight contributes to your quality of life. Achieving good vision health starts with a comprehensive eye exam, which is why we always offer excellent eye care to every patient that walks through our doors.

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Our optometrist uses the latest optical technology to determine the clarity of your vision and overall eye health. During your eye exam, you can expect them to assess your eye's ability to focus, track, and work together. They’ll also examine your eyes for signs of eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration.

What sets us apart from other eye care providers is our commitment to personalized care. Our comprehensive eye exams also include an in-depth assessment of how well you can see without glasses or contacts. This will help us determine your exact prescription needs and find the ideal solution — be it glasses or contacts lenses.

Prevention is key. Even if you have 20/20 vision or feel like you have no eye problems, make sure you schedule an annual eye exam to ensure that your eyes remain healthy and functional. Taking a proactive approach to vision health can help us catch and treat problems early on, before they cause long-term damage.

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Eye Care for Everyone

Comprehensive eye care is essential for everyone, regardless of age or vision needs. We recommend annual eye exams for patients who wear eyeglasses or contacts, as well as those who don’t need vision correction.

Regular eye exams help with detecting and preventing eye diseases and conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration — which can all lead to serious vision problems if left untreated. People affected by diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure should see an eye doctor more frequently because these conditions can have a significant impact on eye health.

Individuals over the age of 40 need to get their eyes examined for age-related conditions like presbyopia, cataracts and macular degeneration. People over 60 should also be examined annually because the risk of eye disease increases with age. Our advanced technology ensures accurate and efficient diagnoses so that our patients get the best possible care for their eyes.

Pediatric Eye Care

Pediatric eye care is important because it ensures that a child has good, clear vision so that they can develop and reach their potential academically and socially.

Our optometrist is committed to providing personalized eye care for children from the age of 4 and up. He’ll make sure your little one feels at home.

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Contact Lens Eye Exam

A contact lens eye exam is necessary for individuals who want to wear contact lenses. During this exam, the eye doctor will evaluate the overall health of the eyes, including how clearly you can see with contacts. They’ll also find the most ideal fit and prescription for the contact lenses, and determine your comfort level and visual clarity while wearing them.

The eye doctor will also teach you about hygiene and how to store your lenses properly to prevent any potential complications.

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